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Faceup Chronicles: Second Practice Faceup (Doll Family H 1/4 Practice Head)

Hello again!

Today is the continuation of the long-overdue photos series.  Like the Playful Hearts outfit, these photos have been hanging around on my hard drive since August.  Well. . . they wait no more!

Faceup Chronicles on A Midnight Sonata


This is my second attempt at a face-up on resin.  (You don’t get to see the first attempt. . . >.<;;)  The second contest I participated in for Den of Angel’s Anniversary was the Customization Contest.  The theme was “Back to the Basics,” and the materials we were allowed to use were limited accordingly:

  • Pastels – unlimited
  • One colored pencil
  • Gloss, “for the finishing touch”
  • Sealer
  • Brushes, eyelashes, cotton, glue, and other types of tools were allowed
  • And, for the challenging bit: No acrylic, gouache, watercolor, or other types of painting mediums allowed

Well, I say that the no-paint rule was “challenging,” but I am practically a beginner anyway. Most of the painting I do is digital, after all!  So it made no difference to set aside the acrylics for this contest.  (But I would like to learn to use them someday. . . .)

In accordance with the rules, here are all the materials I gathered:

Faceup materials for Den of Angel's Back to the Basics Customizing Contest.
Chalk pastels, a brown watercolor pencil, false eyelashes, assorted brushes, a rubber sculpting tool, erasers, cotton buds, Liquitex Soluvar Matte varnish, Liquitex gloss medium, 3M organic filter mask, eye protection. Whew!

I didn’t know what-all I would use, so I just threw a bunch of stuff in there.  And yep, there’s an organic filter mask and goggles too!  Den of Angels’ staff strongly supports respiratory health and required all participants to use some sort of respiratory protection, which I appreciated.  It’s important to protect your health when using hazardous materials like sealant!

On to the pictures!  Here’s the front view:

LiHua 2 - Front View 1

The Doll Family H 1/4 Practice Head is a pretty pouty sculpt, so I played up the “spoiled little princess” look simply by not adding dark “smiling dots” on the corners of her mouth.  Her beautiful golden-brown eyes were included with the head.

Right side:

LiHua 2 - 3-4 Right View 1

In this picture you can see the Kiss eyelashes!  Even though they are human-sized, they worked pretty well since they were long enough to tape them in.

The sides of her head are contoured with a brown-orange-pink pastel blend.  It look a little “dirty” without a wig because you can see her (largely unblushed) headcap.  With a wig on, it would probably look more natural.  (I’d like to test that theory when she actually has a wig to try on.)

Left side:

LiHua 2 - 3-4 Left View 1

The light kept changing during the photoshoot, so the tones are all different.  I think this last photo captures the colors the best overall.  Except the browns. . . somehow they all darkened almost to black!  One day I’ll get the hang of this photography thing. . . .

The process was something like this:

  1. Sealant – 2 layers to protect the head. (+2 confidence for forethought.)
  2. Blush with pink pastels, then seal.  (Move forward one space.)
  3. The pinks practically disappear.  Reblush with stronger pinks.  (Move back two spaces.)
  4. Begin to shape the eyebrows eyebrows and define the nose and ears with a light brown / orange pastel mix.  Seal again.  (Move forward three spaces.)
  5. Continue defining features with darker brown / orange / pink mix.  Blush the lips with a red / pink mix.  Seal. (Move forward two spaces.)
  6. Use the brown watercolor pencil to add eyebrow hairs, eyeliner, and eyelashes.
  7. Check the balance in the mirror and freak out because it’s imbalanced.  Wipe the eyebrows and start again.  Good thing all the blushing is safe under the sealant! (-1 confidence.)
  8. Finally, the eyebrows and eyelashes look good!  Seal it quick before something ruins it!  (Move forward four spaces.)
  9. On the last layer, I darkened the eyebrows and eyelashes, and added the three moles to add interest.  (Move forward one space.)
  10. Seal everything one last time.  Then, use gloss on her lips and eyelids for that finishing touch.  After everything is dry, tape the eyelashes in – and it’s done! (Yay, the finish line!!)

I think this second faceup turned out pretty well.  It isn’t perfect by any measure, but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot!  Of course, there are some things I want to do differently for Faceup #3 – mostly blushing with stronger colors from the start, and trying acrylics again.

I also bought some Faber-Castel Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils in brown shades, which were recommended to me by DrifloonCazzie on the Dollfie Dreams forum.  I’ve tested them a bit on paper and they seem smoother and less crumbly than the watercolor pencils I’ve used before, so I’m really looking forward to trying them out!

Before I sign off, I want to mention all the other stunning entries in the Customizing Contest.  Everyone did a wonderful job!  I am amazed that they could do so much with the limited materials list.  Please check them out too!

I’d love to hear your faceup stories too!  And I really would like to take my skills to the next level, so any tips would be welcome!  Let’s talk in the comments!

See you next time!


***I want to note that there are a couple of affiliate links to Amazon in this post.  Specifically, the link to the respirators and to the Faber-Castel pencils.  I don’t have a definitive opinion on the pencils yet, but I do strongly recommend checking out the respirators if you want to do faceups as several faceup materials – particularly sealants, airbrush paints, and chalk pastels – range from potentially to definitely hazardous to respiratory health.  This thread on Den of Angels has a lot of good information on the subject, so check it out too.  Protect your health!

Affiliate links mean that if you click through and purchase an item on Amazon, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.  Any reviews and recommendations I make are 100% my own opinion, and if I am ever sponsored to write a review, it will be declared as such. Thank you for your support!***


2 thoughts on “Faceup Chronicles: Second Practice Faceup (Doll Family H 1/4 Practice Head)

  1. I think she turned out very adorable and natural. The colors you have chosen fit well together and your blushing looks very nice even though you don’t have a lot practise! This is something which is very hard for myself too, I admire your outcome! ^^ I would love to see her in “full” and with a wig!

    1. Thank you, Yureya! (^///^)
      I’m happy you think so. I’m looking forward to practicing more!

      I have the materials to make her a wig, so when I have some free time I will try it. But. . . I am a little nervous. (°ロ°) It’s always difficult the first time you do something, after all!

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