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Playful Hearts Outfit | My Den of Angels “It’s So Basic Sock Extravaganza” Contest Entry

It’s been a while!  How have you been?

This year, I was able to make time to participate in two of Den of Angels’ Anniversary events.  It was a lot of fun! Today I’d like to share the first project I completed, a sock outfit for the It’s So Basic Sock Extravaganza.  This year’s theme was Back to Basics, so as the wonderfully long name indicates, the sewing competition went back to the basics too: sock outfits.

The rules were simple:

  • All fabric must be made of socks
  • The outfit’s seams must be sewn, not glued
  • Embellishments and notions are allowed.  Exception: Lace and ribbon must be from socks.
  • No outside patterns
  • Outfit must be made for the event

At first you might think, “Socks? What can I make from socks?!” as I did.  But as the seventy (yes, seventy!) wonderful entries show, there’s a lot you can make with socks!  I was particularly impressed with a cute cat jumper, a chic Parisian-inspired set, and – believe it or not – Victorian-style entries!  It is simply inspiring to see how many wonderful outfits can be made with the humble sock.

I encourage you togo check out the entries, and you can see the three amazing winners here.  Enjoy!

And now, I will share my effort.  I call it, “Playful Hearts!”

Corinne enjoys a late summer picnic in the sunshine.

Here are my materials.  As you can see, I had two coordinating pairs of pink, gray and white socks; a set of heart-patterned socks; and an old set of child’s socks with heart appliqués.  When they are gathered like this, it’s almost like I gathered them on purpose!  Yet it was entirely a coincidence to find so many coordinating socks as all of them came from my stash. (Or maybe that just indicates my aesthetic. . . .)

Socks, socks, and more socks! And also thread and snaps.

From here, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  The only thing I was certain of was that I wanted to go for a cute look.  It’s only natural with so many hearts, right?  So I took the heart-pattered ankle socks first, and fashioned a pair of shorts.  It was a bit of an experiment and I figured, “If it doesn’t work, I have another pair to try it with.”  Luckily, it worked on the first go!

This front-view shot shows off the shorts well, I think:

A little bit of attitude.

The hearts on these shorts are orange.  In hindsight, I wish I’d used the pink pair as I think it would have matched the rest of the outfit better.  Ah well, c’est la vie.  And children often mis-match colors, don’t they? 😉

The shirt was next.  I was quite nervous as I only had two sets of the knee socks, so if I messed up I’d have to change my plans.  Luckily, the raglan style was easy to draft.  And I actually got the pattern too big at first, which turned out well as I could take in the seams after trying it on Corinne.  (It wouldn’t have worked so well if I had cut it too small!)  This allowed for a more fitted look, which I am quite pleased with.

The appliqué is from the child’s sock in the materials photo.  I have one more, so I was thinking about making a matching bag, but I ran out of time.  Maybe next time!

As the shirt is fitted, it would be an ordeal to get it over Corinne’s melon head.  Instead, it opens in the back and closes with snaps:

Back view of the Playful Hearts outfit shows the back seam, closed with snaps.

With the main pieces finished, it was time to round out the outfit with accessories.  Since the theme was a sock outfit, of course I had to make matching socks!  They were cut from the top of the white knee socks, so they would have that cute pink stripe.  It looks quite sporty, no?

There was one pink-stripe hem left after the socks were finished.  Inspiration struck: What accessory is sporty yet fashionable, and typically made from knit fabric?  A wristband, of course!  So the last hem became a wristband and, with the last little scraps, a hair scrunchy with a bow to pull her hair into a ponytail.  Cute and practical!

Each piece was entirely hand-sewn, with the exception of the heart appliqué, which was attached with fabric glue.  The shirt hems were finished with scalloped blanket stitch for a lacy look.  The knitted fabric was a bit tricky to work with, as you must pull the stitch through gently or the fabric will stretch.  However, it is a very forgiving fabric that drapes well, so I forgave it that little difficulty!

So if you are new to sewing, but want to make something for your dolls, I encourage you to take another look at socks.  They come in so many cute patterns these days, and overall are fairly easy to work with.  (With knit fabrics, you don’t even need to finish the hems if you don’t want to!)

I hope you enjoyed seeing this outfit!  Soon I will also share my other contest entry.  Please look forward to it!

And now, a question for you! Have you ever made a sock outfit? How did it turn out?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Playful Hearts Outfit | My Den of Angels “It’s So Basic Sock Extravaganza” Contest Entry

  1. Ah it looks like you had a great time doing this project. The result is very cute! I think this is a super cool and (even with this older memories) super refreshing theme! It remember my first things i used to sew (or try haha), socks were always so useful! And with this post showing they still are! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Yureya! You’re right, I had a lot of fun. (^^)
      Socks are a great material for sure. I overlooked them for a long time because my first sock sweater turned out badly (lol). But they really are useful, once you get used to them. 🙂

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