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Cute Country Pinafore Project: The Dress and Drawers

Corinne models the Spring Dress Pinafore - Handmade doll clothes

In the last few months, I’ve slowly been making progress on the Cute Country Pinafore outfit for Corinne.  To date, I’ve finished the drawers and under-dress pattern included in the set.  It’s taking so long partially because I’m working deliberately and enjoying myself instead of rushing through it; partially because I’ve been busy with art projects; and partially because I didn’t attach the skirts correctly the first time.

Improperly aligning the skirt added a few hours as I ripped out the seam and reattached it with more care.  It was worth the extra time, though, because it looks so nice now!

Spring Dress Layer Drawers and Dress 1 - Handmade doll clothes

The drawers were surprisingly easy to make, considering it was my first time making tailored bottoms.  They’re embellished with scalloped lace on the hem and with ladder lace on the leg, to hold the ribbon.  (Though I didn’t have proper ladder lace, so I used an insertion lace instead.  It’s a little too thick, so next time I’ll definitely buy some ladder lace to use instead.)

The dress has a ton of nice little details.  There’s an attached Peter Pan collar, the arms are quite poofy, and the skirt has two layers to add volume.  The skirt lining is also embellished with scallop lace!  It’s cute when it peeks out under the hem.

Like I mentioned before, I chose a crisp white for the dress so that it could be versatile and pair with many different aprons and over-dresses.  Even as plain as it is right now, Corinne looks adorable wearing it!

Corinne models the Cute Country Pinafore - handmade doll clothes

I haven’t taken a good picture of the drawers yet.  But in this photo, you can see how cute it looks peeking out under her dress:

Spring Pinafore Drawers shot 1

The only thing left to do on the dress is to attach snaps up the back of the dress and at the sleeve hems.  (For the photos I used safety pins.)  Next up is to find fabric for the pinafore.  I’ve collected a bunch of small prints over the years, so I’ll go shopping in my stash to find the perfect one to match this outfit.  A bright floral would be nice, don’t you think?


5 thoughts on “Cute Country Pinafore Project: The Dress and Drawers

  1. Ahh how could I miss this lovely post and project u//u anyways, I love your work! Really I admire your sewing skills ;//3//; how wonderful she looks with it! I will look forward to a new sewing project in the future ^-^

    1. Thank you! ❤︎ This pattern was a lot of fun and it really fits well. Next I’ll work on the pinafore to go on top. What color do you think would look nice? 🌸

  2. Ohhh this is so darn cute >3<
    And amazingly well made – you sew so neat and clean!
    I am excited to see the end result :3

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