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Dolly Plans Update! Custom Doll Eyes in the Works!

My new BJD eye molds arrived! Molds made by Velvet Way.
And a new project begins!

I’m not even halfway through the Country Pinafore sewing project, yet I start another one. . . ?  That’s right, I’m going to try my hand at making custom doll eyes! (。◕‿◕。)

I ordered these eye molds from Velvet Way on etsy.  They arrived really quickly – not even a week after I ordered!  They’re really soft and squishy silicone: firm enough to hold its shape, yet soft enough that it seems like it will be easy to unmold the cured eyes.

I bought two types: rounded-iris eyes in 14 and 16 mm (the smaller mold on the left) and flat-iris eyes in 20, 22, 24, and 26 mm (the larger mold on the right).  The smaller eyes will probably fit MSD-size sculpts like my practice head, and the larger eyes will fit SD-size sculpts like Corinne.

An interesting thing to note is the difference between the iris styles. The rounded-iris style, like the smaller mold, will make more realistic-looking eyes that have depth to them like in this video.

The flat-iris eyes, on the other hand, will make more cartoon-style or anime-style eyes like these.  You can use stickers to make the anime-style eyes, or paint them!  I’m going to design and print my own stickers, so it should be fun!

Next I need to order resin and colorants (to make the whites of the eyes), so it might be a little while before the first attempt.  Still, I’m excited that the molds are here! I think it’ll be a lot of fun to make custom eyes!

Would you try making your own custom BJD eyes?  If you have, how did it go?  Talk to me in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Dolly Plans Update! Custom Doll Eyes in the Works!

  1. Ohhh Riiiiiiver I am SO excited for this project! I have always wanted to give this a try too! And I never knew there are molds fpr eyes you can buy! This is super cool, thats probably one of the points I was so lazy about XD Thanks for sharing! I’m really looking forward to your experiences and results! I think it is very cool to create eyes yourself, especially when you can’t just find the right ones!

    1. Thank you!! (^_^)

      I know what you mean, I have wanted to try custom eyes since I started collecting dolls and never knew where to start. Then I saw some videos on YouTube and they had links to buy molds! I haven’t tried it yet but it looks like a lot of fun, right? Let me know if you try it, too, I would love to see what you make! ❤

      I'll tell you a little secret hehe~ I want to make eyes with flowers and eyes with hearts! Don't you think it will be cute? ❤ What kind of eyes would you like to make?

      1. You are like a good inspiration fairy and remind me unintentionally what projects are super cool or were in my mind. It is really cool thath you can buy these forms, it makes it easier to start at this point!^^

        I’m honest with you: It sounds super adorable! ^_^ now you made me even more excited! Oh I would definetly try out making ones for my Dollfie Dreams, as there are only a very few shops with pretty eyes for them (also feel like the cool ones are only available if you can read an asian language or so on taobao or whats it’s name? or hard to get xD).

  2. Oh this is exciting!! I never thought about doing my own eyes, since it is for me something I don’t think I could do. But I am really looking Forward what experiences you will make!…good luck xD

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